Key to AWOS Weather Observations

(Automated Weather Observing System)


| HTM SA 1755 AWOS | M20 OVC | 1V | 36134/2015G251990/ | P010/VSBY 1/2V2 WND 17V23/WEA: R-F |

Location Identifer
Type of report
Time of report
Station Type
Sky condition and ceiling below 12,000' Visibility

Temperature/Wind Direction, Speed, Dew Point/and Character/Altimeter Setting


Remarks: Automated remarks generated automatically IF conditions exits.

Augmented Remarks added IF conditions exits AND certified weather observer is attending the system.


HTM SA 1755 AWOS 20 OVC | 1V 36134/2015G251990/ P010/VSBY 1/2V2 WND 17V23/WEA: R-F

LOCATION IDENTIFIER: 3 or 4 alphanumeric characters
(usually the airport identifier).

TYPE OF REPORT: SA = Scheduled record (routine) observation.
All observations identified as SA. Most are transmitted
at 20-minute intervals (approximately 15, 35 and 55 minutes
past each hour).

TIME OF REPORT: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC or Z) using
24-hour clock.

STATION TYPE: AWOS = Automated Weather Observing System site.
Note: In the future, some systems will use "AO" designators.

SKY CONDITION AND CEILING: Sky condition contractions are
for each layer in ascending order. Numbers preceding
contractions are base heights in hundreds of feet above
ground level (AGL).

CLR BLO 120 = No clouds below 12,000 ft.
SCT = Scattered: 0.1 to 0.5 sky cover.
BKN = Broken: 0.6 to 0.9 sky cover.
OVC = Overcast: More than 0.9 sky cover.
X = Obscured sky -X = Partially obscured
A letter preceding the height of a base identifies a ceiling
layer and indicates how ceiling height was determined.
M = Measured W = Indefinite

VISIBILITY: Reported in statute miles and fractions. Visibility
greater than 10 not reported.
V = variable: see Automated Remarks

TEMPERATURE AND DEW POINT: Reported in degrees Fahrenheit.

WIND DIRECTION, SPEED & CHARACTER: Direction in tens of degrees
from true north, except voice broadcast is in degrees magnetic.
Speed in knots. 0000 = calm. G = gusts.
See Automated Remarks for variable direction.

ALTIMETER SETTING: Hundredths of inches of mercury. Shown as
last 3 digits only without decimal point
(e.g., 30.05 inches = 005).

observer is available. See Augmented Remarks. In the future,
some systems will report precipitation, fog, and haze in the
body of the observation.

AUTOMATED REMARKS: Precipitation accumulation reported in
hundredth of inches (e.g., P110 = 1.10 inches; P010 = 0.10 inch).
WND V = variable wind direction. VSBY V = variable visibility.
DENSITY ALTITUDE is included in the voice broadcast when
more than 1000 feet above airport elevation.

MISSING DATA: Reported as M.

AUGMENTED REMARKS: WEA: indicates manual observer data.
Remarks include operationally significant weather conditions
within a five mile radius of the airport (e.g., thunderstorms,
precipitation, obstructions to vision when visibility is
3 miles or less, fog banks). Standard weather observation
contractions are used.

Hometown Municipal Airport, observation at 1755 UTC, AWOS report. Measured ceiling 2000 feet overcast. Visibility 1 mile variable. Temperature 36 degrees (F), dew point 34 degrees (F), wind from 200 degrees true at 15 knots gusting to 25 knots, altimeter setting 29.90 inches. Precipitation accumulation during past hour 0.10 inch. Visibility variable between 1/2 and 2 miles. Wind direction variable from 170 degrees to 230 degrees true. Observer reports light rain (R-) and fog (F).
NOTE: Refer to the Aeronautical Information Manual for more information. Refer to the Airport/Facility Directory, aeronautical charts, and related publications for broadcast, telephone and location data. Check Notices to Airmen for AWOS system status.




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